I developed a calculator app that is useful for myself. And decided to share it with you. That is 'Calculatorz-8'.

I hope you will like this app.

How to Use

Calculate at the Same Time

As for the normal calculator, only one calculation is possible in one time.

Calculatorz-8 has multiple memories. And you can carry out a calculation for two or more memories in one time.

For example, you can divide 3 values by 3 at the same time.

Undoable Operations

Don't worry about calculation mistake. All the calculations can be undone by UNDO button.

With Your Color

Calculatorz-8 has eight colors. Please choose the one you like.

How To Use

Choosing Active Memories

  1. Tap here to activate/deactivate the memory.
  2. Tap here to reuse the value in the memory.

Repeating Calculation

For example, let's calculate 1+5+5+5 :


Special Keys

Clear the entry.

Zero the result values in the active memories.

Delete last one letter in the entry.

Undo last one calculation.

Enter the sum of all values.


Open the Reporting Screen.

Send the Calculation Report via email.

Available on the App Store

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