Don't you think that the clock on the computer is too accurate?

With Chronomagic, you can advance, delay, modulate, or accelerate the time.

How to Use

Time Shift

You can easily shift the time.

Swipe up the screen to advance the time.
Swipe down the screen to delay the time.

Time Warp

We feel the time longer when we have to do something troublesome. We feel the time shorter when we are playing.

Modulate the time to suit the situation with Chronomagic. Then you will feel the higher quality of the time. For example, you can put 25 hours in a day to use the time more efficiently.

Time Accel

The speed of the time also can be set. If you set x2 speed, each day goes in 12 hours.

Also Usable as an Usual Clock

Vertically or horizontally. In the orientation of your choice.

Choose the skin and adjust the opacity.

How To Use

Main Screen

Swipe up to advance the time. Swipe down to delay the time.

Swipe horizontally to adjust the color of the background.

Tap the screen to change the background.

Tap this button to mute the sounds.

Settings Screen

Number of hours per day, minutes per hour, and seconds per minute can be changed.

Tap this button to play a chime sound at every second, minute, and hour.

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