Magniscope is an easy to use magnifier app for everyone. Hold your iPhone away about 10 centimeters above the paper. Sentences printed in small letters will be visible through the lens of the camera on iPhone.

It should surely come in handy for reading books, newspapers, etc. Since iPhone can be carried with you, you can use it anytime when needed.

How to Use

Even In The Dark

This app has the ability to turn on the flashlight on iPhone.

You can read letters clearly even in the dark.
** For your health, please read in bright places as possible.

More Than Real Magnifier

Magniscope has more features than real magnifiers.

When you touch the circle in the middle of the screen, the image you are viewing is paused. You can move the position to magnify by moving your finger. You can also change the magnification by two finger pinch action. To release pause, touch the circle again.

In addition, Magniscope supports Camera Roll. It is possible to load and display the photos taken with another app.

Reason Of Easy To Use

There are no complicated settings with Magniscope.

Just open the app, and you can use it with feeling like almost same as a real magnifying glass. Hold the iPhone in the orientation vertical, horizontal, diagonal, as you like.

The magnified view is inside of the circle in the middle of the screen. The view outside of the circle also helps you to make it easy to understand where is magnified.

This app adjusts the focus automatically as much as possible.

Try For Free

Just download Magniscope free, and you can start using it.

Please try how it works actually. If ads are disturbing, you can remove them by an add-on.

How To Use

Magnifier Screen

With the magnifier interface, you can intuitively perform most of the operations.

When you touch the circle, the image you are viewing pauses. To release pause, touch the circle again.

To move the position to magnify, move your finger on the circle area.

Pinch with two fingers on the circle area to change magnification.

If your device is equipped with LED, you can turn on the flashlight with the switch next to this icon.

Control Panel

Operations can be done also in the panel that appears at the bottom of the screen.

Magnification can be changed with the slider. It is the same operation as pinching the circle.

Push this button to pause. It is the same operation as touching the circle.

Push this button to release pause. It is the same operation as touching the circle again.

Push this button to load and view an image in the Camera Roll.

Turn on this switch to keep viewing the Control Panel.

Available on the App Store

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