When I take a cat picture, how can I be sure to get the attention of the cat?

The answer is KittyCam.

How to Use

Can't Miss a Moment

A shutter chance is an instant. Therefore KittyCam has a stream of pictures scrolling across the screen.

Tap the camera button to take a picture. KittyCam also stores some pictures before and after you tapped the button. You can review all the images and pick the best ones afterward.

The speed of the stream can be regulated. Please adjust it to cats' pace.

Let Them Face Towards the Camera

To turn their faces towards the camera, let's say 'mew'.

Tap the middle of the screen, and KittyCam will play genuine cat voices that get the attention of your cat.

Zoom it Afterward

When you've met precious moments, you may not have time to adjust the zoom. With KittyCam, you can zoom the pictures after shooting. You can cut the unnecessary objects before you save the pictures.

Pictures in a Single Image

Consecutive pictures can be placed in a single image. Let's save whole of the pretty action of the cat.

Share your Pictures

KittyCam works with Twitter, Facebook, and e-mail. Please share your pictures with all the people who love cats.

How To Use

Camera Screen

Use the slider to adjust durations between photos. Tap preview are (middle of the screen) to play 'mew' sounds.

Tap this button to release the shutter, and you will see 10 photos on the Photos Screen.

Turns flashlight on/off. (iPhone only)

Photos Screen

Zoom the photo by pinch action. You can also move the point where to zoom, by 2-finger swipe action.

Selects the photo on the left-hand side of the currently selected one.

Selects the photo on the right-hand side of the currently selected one.

Place the consecutive photos in a single image.

Saves the selected photo to the Camera Roll. Please launch the 'Photos' App to see the saved photos.

E-mail the selected photo.

Shares the selected photo.

Goes back to the Camera Screen.

Available on the App Store

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