When you take a picture of the precious moment, Do you have enough time to set up the camera?

We offer that you reverse the process of taking pictures.

How to Use

Zoom After Shooting

Let's take a picture at the maximum resolution first.

Then, zoom it. This app is equipped with the easy-to-use interface for x12 digital zoom.

Recover the Pixels

Don't worry about the quality when you zoom the images.

Shoot'n Zoom tries to guess the non-existent pixels between the real pixels. The zoomed image will be processed so that it looks most beautiful before you save it.

Find a Better Composition

You can also import the photos from the Photo Album. Find the more beautiful compositions of the photos that were taken with other camera apps.

Enjoy Sharing

Shoot'n Zoom works with Twitter, Facebook, e-mail, etc. Please enjoy sharing photos with your family and friends!

How To Use


Tap this button to release the shutter.

Picks a image from the Camera Roll.

Turns flashlight on/off. (iPhone only)


Zoom the photo by pinch action. Or you can zoom easily by double-tap action.

Move the point where to zoom by swipe action.

Goes back to the camera.

Saves the photo to the Camera Roll. Please launch the 'Photos' App to see the saved photos.

E-mail the photo.

Share the photo.

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