Twirl the Color Dial, and make a lot of smiles!

"Snow and Bubbles" is an easy-to-play casual game of color matching. Two games of 'Color Snow' and 'Color Bubbles' are in this app.

Two Fun Games

Rotate the iPhone at the title screen to switch the game.

Game 1: Color Snow

Find snow of the same color as the Color Dial. Tap them before falling to the ground. To play this mode, hold iPhone in portrait orientation.

Game 2: Color Bubbles

Twirl the Color Dial. Make its color same as the color of disappearing bubbles. To play this mode, hold iPhone in landscape orientation.

Make Them Smile

In this game, snow and bubbles in various colors will appear. They smile while their color is matching with the Color Dial. Score will be added when they smile. Make a lot of smiles, and earn high score!

For A Higher Score

Difference Between Two Colors

Snow and bubbles closer to the color of the Color Dial have higher score. Assess the difference in colors, and adjust the color!

Get Combo

To get combo, make them smile multiple times in a row within a certain period of time. Each score of smiling face will be multiplied by the combo value.

Find Miss Eyelash

In Color Snow game, sometimes appears a face with eyelashes. Make her smile to earn special bonus.

Time Recovery

The game will be over when the remaining time reaches zero. Get the time recovery item before time is up.

Power Recovery

In Color Snow game, the game will be over when the ground come to the top. In Color Bubbles game, the game will be over when the surface of the water fall to the bottom. Get the power recovery item before game is over.

Shake To Escape

When you feel the situation difficult, shake the iPhone to escape. Snow and bubbles will move in the opposite direction for a little while. You can also do the shaking action with the button.

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