We are team-aries. Two Japanese + cats.

We mainly develop apps such as utilities and games for iPhone and iPad.

If you have any questions, please contact us by email . When making inquiries about the app, please be sure to mention the app name.

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If you are under 13 and would like to contact us, please ask your parent or guardian to email us.


  • Go

    Software engineer. Web server administrator. Cat lover.

  • Eri

    Mainly designer. Sometimes engineer. Genuine cat lover.

  • Ohshima-san

    Born in August 2006. Kindhearted tabby cat.

  • Kojima-san

    Born in July 2015. Petite tabby cat.

Our Products


Your iPhone turns into a magnifying glass. There are no complicated settings. So you can use it with feeling like almost same as a real magnifying glass.

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"toruneko" is a Japanese word "take a picture of a cat". This camera app is designed for users who want to take better cat pictures.

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Full of 3D labyrinths, unique gimmicks, and collectable treasures. Various gimmicks will appear in more than 50 stages. Locked doors, buttons that turn the world upside down, huge moving objects, and the treasure chests that everyone loves!

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Treasure Planet

The purpose of this game is to explore ruins, find a spaceship and escape from this planet. Move the player with the virtual gamepad and complete 6 levels composed of 60+ scenes.

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