A retro-style action and puzzle game has been revived.

Move the player with the virtual gamepad and complete 6 levels composed of 60+ scenes. There are various gimmicks inside the ruins. Solve the mystery and get the items you need to escape.

Trial Play


Please use the keyboard when playing on PC.


He is standing on an unknown land.
His single-seater spacecraft broke down
and crashed on this planet.

There are no signs of living things around here.
there is a ruined building in the distance.

It is impossible to call for rescue
because the communication device is out of order.
He decided to explore the ruins.

Find a spaceship
to escape from this planet!

How to Play

Move, jump, and shoot.
Find keys to unlock the doors.
Use gimmicks to solve the mysteries.


Many treasures such as coins are hidden in the ruins. Some of these treasures can not be get unless you solve some difficult mystery.

On the title screen, you can check the percentage of treasures you have get. (* App version only)

Try to achieve 100%

For Retro Game Fans

This old-style video game was born in 2012, a little before the iPhone 5 appeared. We rebuilt the whole app and made it work again.

With App You Can...

Continue playing.
Save achievements.

You can get "Treasure Planet" from the App Store. We hope you enjoy this game :)

Treasure Planet is made with Impact Game Engine.