Solve the mystery and escape from the stage!

Full of 3D labyrinths, unique gimmicks, and collectable treasures.

Trial Play

The app version includes...

  • Higher image quality
  • Smoother operation
  • More stages to play

Lots of Fun Stages

The name "Karacury" comes from the Japanese word for "gimmick".

Various gimmicks will appear in more than 50 stages.

  • Locked doors
  • Buttons that turn the world upside down
  • Huge moving objects
  • And the treasure chests that everyone loves!

You may come across a mystery that is not easy, but there is always a solution.

Look around, solve the mystery, and clear the stage.

Easy to Play with One Finger

You can move the character freely just by tracing the screen with your finger.

All actions including "jump", "climb" and "open doors" are automatic.

Enjoy the game without complicated operations.

Collect the Treasures

Coins and jewels are placed in each stage.

Collect them and aim to clear the final stage!

Available on the App Store

  • Compatible with iOS 15.0 or later.
  • Can be played offline.
  • No user registration required.
  • No ads.

Play "Karacury" Now!

Apple TV version is here!