Take better pictures without any technique. Up to 144x zoom and tilt elimination support your shooting process.

Easy Shooting

If you want to take good pictures, there are many things to think about in the short time before you release the shutter. So, Shoot'n Zoom will adjust the camera on your behalf.

The focus of the camera is continually adjusted to ensure that the subject in the center of the screen is always optimally captured. Exposure is also adjusted automatically according to the surrounding brightness. You can also lock the focus and fine-tune the exposure if needed.

Usage Tips
Settings are saved even if you quit the app. Check out the app's settings screen for other changeable shooting parameters.

Always Horizontal

camera_alt To take natural photos, keeping the horizontal direction is important. Shoot'n Zoom will do it automatically.

Detects tilt to take horizontal pictures

This app detects the horizontal direction from the tilt of the device during shooting and rotates the photo to be exactly horizontal.

You can shoot landscapes, buildings, and people in standing poses with a natural composition.

Usage Tips
Horizontal Detection can be turned on or off both during and after shooting.

Zoom After Shooting

Zoom After Shooting

Even after shooting, you can zoom in on any part of the photo up to 12x. This allows you to cut out unwanted surroundings before saving the photo.

When saving, image quality degradation can be reduced by the special algorithm of Shoot'n Zoom.

Usage Tips
You can also load a photo from your Photo Library to trim.

Quick Launch

We recommend that you register this app on the widget screen of iOS. The launcher button allows you to quickly launch and shoot.

Switch quickly to camera with the launcher widget

All Features are FREE

Download Shoot'n Zoom for free now.

  • Continuously adjusted Focus and Exposure
  • Horizontal Detection allows you to take natural photos
  • Up to 144x zoom (12x during shooting, 12x after shooting)
  • Easy to trim before saving or sharing
  • Special algorithm to reduce image quality degradation
  • Supports importing photos from Photo Library
  • Quick launch from widget

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