Here is the list of our apps.

iPhone/iPad Apps

  • Magniscope

    High performance and easy-to-use magnifying glass app. Equipped with many eye-friendly features such as color adjustment, sharpening, and video stabilization.

  • toruneko

    The best way to take cute cat pictures. Full of easy-to-use features for all cat lovers.

  • Shoot'n Zoom

    Take better pictures without any technique. Up to 144x zoom (12x during shooting, 12x after shooting) and tilt elimination support your shooting process.

  • Chronomagic

    An unusual clock app that allows you to be more productive by making friends with "time". The design is highly customizable. Also ideal as a table clock.

  • Karacury

    Solve the mystery and escape from the stage! Full of 3D labyrinths, unique gimmicks, and collectable treasures.

  • Treasure Planet

    Solve the mystery of the ruins and collect treasures! An action game for retro game fans.

Mac Apps

  • Weavy

    Brings more speed, more flexibility, and fewer errors in your HTML workflow.

Apple TV Apps

  • Karacury TV

    3D PUZZLE + ACTION game. Filled with unique gimmicks, challenging mysteries, and collectible treasures.

Other Works

  • Smile Collector

    Looking for a fun game to play with your children? Smile Collector is an easy-to-play game.

  • Selfies'

    With the main camera on iPhone, you can not take yourself while viewing the screen. This app solves such a problem.

  • Crazy Color Cam

    It is a camera app that can process automatically the photos you took. Photos will be repainted in cool crazy color.

  • Smile Diary

    To write an entry in your diary, just choose a smiley icon you like and push the button.