Here is the list of our apps.

Mac Apps

  • Weavy

    Brings more speed, more flexibility, and fewer errors in your HTML workflow.

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Camera Apps

  • KittyCam

    When I take a cat picture, how can I be sure to get the attention of the cat? Here is the answer.

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  • Selfies'

    With the main camera on iPhone, you can not take yourself while viewing the screen. This app solves such a problem.

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  • Shoot'n Zoom

    When you take a picture of the precious moment, do you have enough time to set up the camera?

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  • Crazy Color Cam

    It is a camera app that can process automatically the photos you took. Photos will be repainted in cool crazy color.

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Game Apps

  • Karacury

    3D PUZZLE + ACTION game. Filled with unique gimmicks, challenging mysteries, and collectible treasures.

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  • Treasure Planet

    You are a treasure hunter. Traveling through the space looking for treasures.

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  • Snow and Bubbles

    Twirl the Color Dial, and make a lot of smiles! Including two fun games that can be played easily.

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  • Smile Collector

    Looking for a fun game to play with your children? Smile Collector is an easy-to-play game.

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  • Smile Trip

    SMILE IS THE POWER! An easy-to-play game that is designed in consideration of safety for kids.

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Utility Apps

  • Magniscope

    No complicated settings! Magniscope is an easy-to-use magnifier app for everyone.

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  • Chronomagic

    Try this flexible clock. It is like a magic.

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  • Calculatorz-8

    With this calculator app, for example, you can divide 3 values by 3 at the same time.

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  • Smile Diary

    To write an entry in your diary, just choose a smiley icon you like and push the button.

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